SHOCKER….Iggy Azalea dumped ex Nick Young since he got his child mom pregnant


That is the thing that The Shade Room and MediaTakeOut is guaranteeing. Yet, MTO claims it was Nick who exited. Perused their report underneath… just got a genuine succulent piece of tea. The majority of the stories out there are stating that Iggy Azalea dumped her life partner Nick Young for bamboozling. Well those stores aren’t right. It was Nick Young who fire Iggy. Scratch is presently living with his infant’s mom, and they are expecting a kid together!!

Here’s the arrangement, when Nick Young FIRST MET the Australian rapper, he was living with his infant mother Keonna – and they had a cheerful family. The insider clarifies, “Scratch cherishes Keonna and dependably did. However, [Iggy] was truly popular, and Nick cherishes the consideration. He wound up leaving [Keonna] for [Iggy] in light of the fact that he needed to be more popular.”

Be that as it may, as time went on,’s insider clarified, he understood that his heart never left his long-lasting affection. The insider proceeded with, “Scratch and Keonna are intended to be as one, he realizes that, and she realizes that. Sh*t even Iggy realizes that.”

In the long run, the insider claims, Nick woke up, and dropped IGGY. As per’s insider Nick and Keonna are EXPECTING ANOTHER CHILD, and are living respectively in Los Angeles. The insider clarifies, “[Nick] and Keonna are attempting to make it work. To the extent Iggy goes, f*ck her, she don’t make a difference.”

This is the child mom…


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